Guage Swaps

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Senior Member
I have a 1993 civic hatchback vx. I have swapped a gsr into it and I want to know is there a way to get the gsr guages to work in my car. Or will i just have to get a new tach. Any soulutions to this problem are greatly aprecatied.
You can pick up a 92-95 SiR/VTi cluster. the tacks go to 9000 and they fit perfect. You can find them on Ebay for under a hundred bucks. Some have white face and tend to go for more, IMO the black ones look cleaner anyway.
I used the have the SiR cluster in my EG, it's a nice unit but to be honest it serves the same purpose as any oem cluster that is slightly off the motor's actualy readings. I have seen the GSR unit in, just like your ride, on many rides. It is nice. The best custom cluster set up was on "goldies" car, from the FF squad back in the day. He had a Si 99+ cluster and an EX mph reading on it, so the tach and fuel/water temps were amber and the mph was light light blue. It was a nice setup. All you have to do is wire everything up together.