H22 In A 92-95 Civic

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I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with a H22 swap into a 92-95 civic. Id like to get a few questions answered about the swap as iam planning on doing it soon. First, ive heard about axels breaking. not from anyone who has had the swap done but from people in general, is there truth to this?? from my viewpoint if you use 90-93 integra axels they should be able to handle the weight. also, ive heard about problems with bad handling, the car would be a daily driver. Finally, if anyone has done the swap id like to know if they ran into any problems or items they had to purchase to complete the install. I want to start buying any parts i may need to install the engine so when i do the install in spring i have enerything i need. overall, i want to know how the car runs after the install and opinions on the cars performance afterwards. if someone who has done the install has any regrets or problems down the line. any help is appreciated, i want this to be as a smooth process as it can be.
also i was wondering if the stock civic radiator and exhaust would be ok to use? i plan on getting a new exhaust with a larger diameter pipe but may not have it at first.
well first off the axel breaking thing was resloved by HASport, that was an issue with there old mounts, I hear that the new ones fixed that issue. If I were you I would do the swap with HASport mounts I have seen them and the are well constructed. As far as the car being a good daily driver, it should be, my ex-co-worker has a 5th gen civic with an h22 in it, the thing hauls ass, and is daily driven without any complaints from him. The civic radiator will probably work, but you will most likly have to cut the fan or just buy a slim fan. There is a guy on this board named Paragus, and he is doing this swap right now, talk to him about this, he knows a lot about this subject.
yea like massey said.. your stock radiator will be fine, if you worried about it you can get a del sol vtec radiator. And you'll be fine on the axle thing as long as you get the 2nd gen HASport mounts. I'll try to break down the rest for you.

You need the shifter and shift linkage that goes with the prelude because the prelude uses cables.

1992 Integra LS Upper Radiator Hose

1994 Del Sol VTEC lower radiator hose

You can use 90 accord intermediate shaft w/ left and right 90-93 integra axles
You can use custom axles from www.driveshaftshop.com

Your exaust:
It depends on your model. For example, in my case i have a 1993 DX hatch, the cat is right where the header is. So i need to buy a cat. If your car has a regular header then a cat. You will be fine. Although i do suggest upgrading it.. so far this is what im planning, because i live in cali everything i do has to be 50 state legal. But im gonna get a DC Header, random tech hi flow cat, and a tanabe cat back exaust. And that should fix my whole problem.

Thats all i can think of.. if i come up with anything else.. ill post it up.. and if you got anymore questions just ask. i got a write up with a lot of what i posted, just pm me with you email and i can send it to you if you want.
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Stay away from TYPE SH h22a4 MOTOR's{jdm type s motor also has ATTS}... THEY HAVE ATTS... when ATTS is taken away.. THERE IS NO INTERMEDIATE SHAFT IN THE WORLD... that will bolt to the block!!! :wall: ofcourse, that doesnt stop from Custom ones being built.... ???? then again, who builds THEM???
my mechanic did this swap, took a 96 h22 and put it in a 95 hb....took him 2 months to do, but then took it out after a month cuz he ware down a set of new tires in that time plus he said that the moter hung below the frame of the car, plus its too heavey of an engine for that small of a car.

best of luck to you and have fun if it works out
Im doing this swap as well and my suggestion to u is to TAKE YOUR TIME doing this swap , and i would recommend hasport they got good shit, .
this is all the stuff i got so far for my civic:
motor/tranny, P13 ECU, 91 accord shifter w/ cable links, 90-93 Integra left & right axles, accord 1/2 shaft, resistor box for my injectors, hasport motor mount, 94 del sol vtec DOHC radiator, 94 del sol vtec DOHC lower radiator hose, 92 Integra LS upper radiator hose, Helmic 93 prelude manual, 92-95 civic manual, wiring the engine is not to bad but it takes time or you could call hasport and they could wire the harness for you , there is a lot labor into this swap and PATIENCE. Here are some of the extra parts i got : dc sports headers, fluidyne radiator, type s red valve cover, clutch master clutch and aluminum flywheel , replace timing belt , water pump, i painted my engine bay because i was a good time to do it , i also painted my engine . and last sence i got and OBD2 engine i had to buy OBD1 injectors, fuel rail, resistor box and distributor.

Thanks paragus for email me some of your info a while ago.
Fray :)
TOMSMX6, dude i'm doing this swap as well except i'm having a shop do it for me. I'm sort of getting hooked up and I didn't feel like putting up with all the hassle of doing it myself. I'm not trying to talk shit or brag or be mean or anything of that sort but I'll probably have it done before anyone else here that has mentioned they are doing cuz my car is scheduled to go in the shop next Friday, March 7th. I'm going to be helping out a little but mostly I'm gonna try to stand around and take a bunch of pictures.
So far the guy who is doing the swap for me told me he is going to trim some parts off of my radiator fan, it's cool with me cuz I plan on swapping it out for a fal fan. He's gonna use hasport mounts. The axles and shifter I haven't asked him about yet.
PARAGUS, I'm gonna PM you regarding your write up for this swap cuz I think it's gonna be a helpful tool. Also, which fan is it that you are using? It's that blue one that you posted a picture of, right?

-I'll try to put as much info as I can find out when the swap is taking place so to give you a heads up.

rsaeini.. you got mail, and im using a FAL (flex-a-lite) fan. and Fray your welcome, im always glad to help ppl out. And ill second the JDM type S having LSD not fake LSD (ATTS).
Are you sure you don't have a Prelude Type SH engine? H22A4? That would make alot more sense.

Type SH: USDM, 200hp, ATTS
Type S: JDM, 220hp, LSD
ok, since i just helped someone put an h22a i'll add my experiences. first, i think the swap itself sucks. i dislike h22a's, i dislike the BULLSHIT cable shifters, i dislike the way the motor sits, and i dislike the additional weight.

now, the motor that i helped install was using place racing motor mounts that SUCK. the mounts help the motor to sit crooked in the engine bay (i have pics to prove this...and will post them) and their throttle cable bracket doesn't work. the driver's side mount also rubs against the subframe, so basically the subframe needs to be welded or trimmed so the motor doesn't rattle the entire car. the passenger side mount is also BULLSHIT and when considering the driver's side mount most of the weight is put on the rear mount, which is kept stock and a place racing plate is used to move the mounting point over.

now as far as breaking axles, a crooked motor will destroy axles, as you're torquing them at an angle that is not inline with the rest of the car. now as i understand it, hasport mounts are better and make this swap go easier, but after what i saw about a week ago i would never even consider this swap.

here are the pics...

fucked up drivers side mount, as you can see it hits the subframe!

fucked up passenger side mount, look at where it puts the majority of the weight...

here is the motor in the car...

here is the throttle cable bracket that doesn't work...

also...if you follow place racing's directions the swap would never work...as the rear mount has to go on last because otherwise the drivers side mount wouldn't line up properly...

overall, i hate this swap...its bullshit...and i didn't even show a picture of the cable shifter linkage which really sucks. b-series motors are infinitely better...i can't say it enough.
i don't like h22a's in civics. and i don't really like them overall...

a b-series motor is simply a better platform for a civic.

now obviously the prelude and accord guys have to settle for the h22a, for this reason i would never drive either of these vehicles.
I'd agree that a B-series is better for someone with a Civic who is tighter on cash or wants to auto-x the car. But an H-series into the car has its merits as well.

"Settle" for an H22? I really don't think that a B-series has anything over an H, or vice-versa, unless you want to talk about cost of parts (which isn't ALWAYS more for an H engine). If anything, I'd complain about the lack of torque that comes with a B18, or even more so with a B16.
I totally agree with dohcvtec_accord. The H22 is at the top of my list. What more could you ask for? You got 200hp, 160 lb-ft of torque...yes it weighs a little bit more but it's still a hell of a performer.
i'll give you specific reasons why i dislike the h22a.

first of all, the transmissions available for this motor are very weak to say the least. the cable shift linkage is also far worse than b-series shift linkage.

the design of the h22a is also inferior, and for a motor that comes from honda with 2.2 liters, 200hp and 160 torque really isn't that special.

i have friends with built b18c's and they are putting down 200+ hp and 140+ tq. several other guys i know have built crvtec's putting down 220+hp and 150+ tq. and this is all in a setup that is lighter and has a far better transmission.

just recently, skunk2 came out with a manifold for the h22a, and really there are only a few other companies that have even developed products for the h22a. you're options for cams are limited to type s cams, and skunk2, while jun, toda and others just don't have anything. pistons...once again its either custom pistons or type s pistons, and as far as rods i presume eagle can make a rod for the h22a but i'm not even sure if it exists...in fact i know of nobody in this area that has ever rebuilt an h22a...mainly because it has so little aftermarket support its barely worth rebuilding.
Can you give any proof or experience that H-series trannies are weaker? Because this is the first I've heard anyone mention that.

How is the design inferior? The H-series engine is the only one to come with a closed deck design from the factory. The numbers on an H22 Type S are comparable to a B18C5 (ITR). The ratio of displacement to horsepower is slightly better on an ITR, but a Type S outperforms an ITR there. You need to compare a normal H22 to, say, a B18C1. I'm sure you'll find more comparable numbers.

There are plenty of companies that make aftermarket parts for an H-series. Numerous companies make pistons, rods, valvetrain components, you name it. You should research H-series head and block components, you might be surprised. Lord knows I've done my share, and the parts exist. Like you said, some companies don't make parts for the H-series, but it's only because the demand is higher for B-series parts, because more B-series engines exist.