H22 Into A 99 00 Civic

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Junior Member
I'm new to the import scene and I'm thinking about swapping a H22 prelude motor into a civic...preferably the 99 or 00 model(is this referred to as 6th generation?) I see the H22 motors on ebay for anywhere from $2000-3500. They say they come with hydraulic transmission. What do they mean by "hydraulic" transmission? Also what else will i need to complete the swap? (axles, etc) Any advantages, disadvantages? Sorry for all the questions but I'm a newbie. Thanks guys
Do a search to get more info,but don't be fooled into thinking it is $2200 and your rolling.You still need mounts and the right axle combo.You may be able to find a complete swap that someone is abandoning,but expect a price tag more like $3000-$4000.Hydaulic tranny is just the way it is actuated,as opposed to a cable it uses a hydraulic system.
Thanks for all the input guys, I just have one more question...whats the difference between OBD1 and OBD2 ECUs?
what they look for in the way of emmissions and how they plug in are the big differences.