H22 N/a Buildup

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Ok people I need your opinions and info.
I'm getting a H22 stuffed into my EG and my goal is to have it putting out around 200-210hp at the wheels. I'm trying to plan my build up very carefully with a lot of thought so I don't take one step forward and two steps back, you know what I mean?
My plans so far include the basic bolt ons(cai/4-1 header/exhaust). I want to dig into the motor and swap out a few of the internals but I don't know which route to take. One of my friends was telling me to stick to OEM type S parts. I was also checking out the JUN stage 2 camshaft kits with type S pistons but I don't know if I can easily afford the JUN products. My plans in the future also call for port/n/polishing the head, flywheel, and clutch setup.
-I guess I'm just confused about which route to take and that's why I made this post. I need suggestion of parts and I also need to know in what order I should acquire the parts so i'm constently progressing.
-Also one last point, I'm going for a N/A setup.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :huh:
I am currently doing the same mods to my engine but mine is already bolted in. I recommend if you have some extra cash laying around you should buy performance pistons or type s pretty much anything with a high compression ratio. For camshafts I put in some crower stage 2 camshafts and retainer kit that added an easy 20 hp but they are expensive!! www.crower.com they run about $750.00 +. I got mine for $400.00 used hehehe anyways and like you said the easy bolt-ons I,h,e those should be first in my opinion then build up from there. It alll depends on how much you are willing to spend and how much effort you wanna put in it. :spin: Good Luck!
Type S pistons will bump your compression to 11.1:1, so they'd be a good investment. If you're staying n/a, you may want to consider something a little higher in compression.

Probably stay away from the Type S cams. They won't offer a huge performance gain. Get some Skunk2 Stage 2 or the JUN's.
with the motor itself, it's very near 200 hp...i bet you can achieve more hp than what you requested.....shout out the the all motor people...
Type-S pistons
Balanced Micropolished crank
P&P head
Mill head just a little to raise compression to 11:5ish
JUN cams (they only make one stage for H22 similar to JUN 3s on B series)
Cam Gears
Euro-R intake manifold or Skunk2 (if it ever comes out)
ITR, JG, or Ericks Racing TB
some larger injectors
Ericks Racing reprogrammed ECU (if they do H22 ECUs), or hondata, AEM... etc. etc.

You should easily pull 220whp with these mods.
I would definately recommend :worthy: JUN cams over any other aftermarket brand.
-TommyTheCat, thanks for clarifying. I want atleast 200-210hp at the wheels. I know my goal seems pretty small but I think it's a goal that easily achievable but I want to set realistic goals and be able to reach them.
This is the first step. My second step I'll be shooting for about 230whp.
Sorry, I think I might have stated it wrong when I said JUN stage 2 cam kit. The stage 1 kit is simply the cam and the valve springs. The stage 2 has everything stage 1 has and it includes titanium valve retainers. That's what I meant by a stage 2 JUN cam kit.


I hope this makes sense. :unsure:
it depends on what h22 he has. since i have a jdm h22a. my compression ratio is at 11 to 1. the type s isnt really better. if you have the h22a4 its 200 whp 163 tourqe. mine is 220whp 173 tourqe. go with my internals