h22 timing

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ok my h22 in my dc2 has bin missfiring and idles weird sometimes...and is runing really rich...i have the stock p13 in and i dont know what to do...my buddy that works at honda says that it looks like one of my cam gears might be off by a tooth...does that mean i have to take the head off and adjust the gear or can i just turn the distributer to fix the timing?? wat can i do guys....?
EASY! turn crank to #1, pop out valve cover, check if your cam gears line up, if they don't, loosen tension bolt, line it up, put back on belt and tension it. turn crank again and see if cam gears line up.
If your cam gear is off by one tooth. It means that you will have to do a complete timing belt job. Your cams will need to be lined up, which means loosening your timing belt, which means removal of the auto tensioner. It's about a three hour job with the right tools.

There is a special tool that honda has for the auto tensioner.