H22A For 94 Accord EX

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i've noticed a lot of mis information being posted lately, whats up?
Any H22 to an H22A swap is easy. If you buy it an engine transmission computer, it will be very easy. The only thing that could make it a little more challenging is if you have an automatic, and you are going to the manual, or vice versa. Just search the web for a manual to automatic article.
I am new here and was wondering if anyone out there did an h22 swap into their accord themselfs and not by a shop. I am perparing to do this swap myself into a 94 accord. I know pretty much know how its gonna go. but dont know how to wire it up. Is the h22 wire harness diffrent from the f22 motor? anyone can answer this question? thanks (oh yeah its a JDM motor too):blink:
I did it myself into my 95 Accord.

If you can get your hands on a Prelude harness, it'll make your life alot easier. That said, once you drop the engine in, you'll only have to do a bit of rewiring.

First off, is your Accord an EX? If it is, you're prewired for VTEC and that's an easy plug-and-play.

You'll need to wire yourself a knock sensor, a pretty easy job. Just one wire to run through the firewall.

The Accords have two fan switches (one before the head, one after) while the Prelude has one. You can do what I did, and jumper the unused fan switch to make your cooling fans run all the time. You can also try to splice the wires of the unsed fan switch into the one that's used to see if that works. I'm going to try that fix in the spring when I have more time to do some playing around.

Lastly, you'll have to switch pins A6 and A11 at the firewall. One's for the Heated O2 sensor and one is for the EGR valve, they're switched with the Accords and Preludes.

That's it. :D Good luck and post any more questions you might have.
This swap is so easy fo sheezee, and don't worry about the goones arguing over all the different motors available across the world for an accord. The h22a is the most reliable, fastest, and EASIEST swap. Honestly if u don't know what your doing have someone else do it. It take some tweaking of a motor mount, and some rewiring at the b plug, which is the plug at the ecu. If your car is already a vtec then less wiring is required, but to help this all go easy you need to buy a chitlands guide, because it's the chit, get both guides the one for the accord and prelude. Then it's time to get busy, if your running an automatic tranny, suck it up and swap it to a five speed, if you don't really your wasting your time, you won't see the tru hp gains u can get from this swap. Pull up your skirt grab on to your balls, and do the swap it's well worth it. :ph34r: