H22a Into 92 Accord Lx

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My H22A arrived today. :D It seems to be in good condition. Very well strapped to the pallet. It has the power steering pump, alternater, distributor (-cap), exhaust header(nothing below that), and a whole lot of cut tubes. The main wiring harness has been cut at the thickest point. There is a vacuum cannister of some kind mounted below the pgm-fi unit, and it has the nipples broken off.
What will I need to finish the job? I know I will need the ECU, and to run some new wires. Do I need a new harness for OBD 0, or just run a few extra wires and stuff? Do I keep the accord tubing setup, or do I go with what is on the engine? Can anyone email me a diagram of how to run the tubes, and how to wire the ECU? Thanks..... Tyson
Ummm, if you're a 92 LX, I think you're OBD1. So you should be in good shape on the wiring side. You'll just have to run VTEC wires and a knock sensor. Also switch pins A6 and A11 at the ECU.

The vacuum canister has to do with the dual-stage intake runners (I think). In any case, I bypassed it and ran a vacuum hose directly from the butterfly to the throttle body.

What do you mean by "tubing"? If you mean vacuum lines, just make sure you note where each vacuum line is currently running, and hook them up to the same places on the H22. Cap off any extra nipples on the intake mani (I have three unused). If you mean a/c, p/s, radiator hoses, etc....you can retain your power steering with a modified p/s line (I just removed my whole system). Use the Prelude alternator and alternator bracket. If you want to keep a/c...you can keep the whole Accord system intact (if you have it), then connect it to the Prelude a/c bracket. If you want to remove the a/c system (like I did), yank the whole thing and then use a NAPA alternator belt, part number 25-060370 (thanks paragus!!). All radiator stuff should be plug n play.

Post up any more questions you may have. Good luck on the swap.
:rolleyes: Thanks, that's really helpful. I am still wondering about the black box with vacuum lines attached to it underneath the intake. Is it a throw away item after the swap? My motor came with that vacuum cannister? with the nipples broken off. When I use my accord tubing setup, is it still used?
I really appreciate your help....Tyson
Yeah I'd just throw it away. Doesn't it just have two nipples into it and nothing else? (Get your mind out of the gutter :) ) If I remember right and it does, just bypass it like I did. My secondary intake runners still work like they're supposed to.
Thanks, I just had the same advice from another guy yesterday. There were a few nipples on it, but so many things loop around. As long as I can cut it out, I don't care how many loops there are to it. :spin: