h22a swap h23a swap

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i have a 1995 prelude si, right now, i am running the usual, aem cold air, header, exhaust, plug wires, 75 shot of zex. i am on 18" konig's and at the track the car is in the 14's. i know that a h22a/h23a frankenstein can be done, the question is, do i go for that, or do a frank? or do i rebuild h23a and go high compression and squeeze like 100 shot or more? i already have the tranny, axles, clutch, lsd, etc. i know the driveline can take it, i was thinking of ordering the GUDE head, either h22a or h23, resleeving h23a bottom, rods, rings, pistons, etc. any ideas anyone???????

I'd go with the H23 boosted or a full H22, unless you've got the knowledge, cash and time to swap the H22 head onto your bottom end.
fully built, meaning, new sleeves, new rods, rings, crank, block guard, higher compression pistons, or lower depending on forced induction, new valvetrain, new cams, so on. i don't want to say i have an unlimited budget but, i do have funds to get a little crazy. i just want to know what is out there and what is the best route. i do have a shop here locally that has built many ls/vtec so the frankenstein is definitely a possibility.
the 97+ are closed deck, the 96- are not.

i say do the silvia. honda's suck :p
I lvoe s15 converted with sr20dets and front end conversions... they look bad ass, and are stupid fast with just a few tweaks.

anyway, as for how much the h23 can hold, psi means jack shit. its how much power.
depending on the size of the turbo, anywhere from 1-230 psi.
rework your H23a head and have it shaved and zeroed to bring compression up one whole number. Then a 150 shot. And let it run 12's.