H22a Swap To Accord

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I have a 95 Accord EX, engine F22 i think, its the 2.2 VTEC. I am wanting to put a 95 H22A in my car. does anyone know where i can get the engine for under 2,000? Also, can anyone give me the rundown of what is going to have to be done for me to complete this swap?
HMOTORSONLINE.com has the longblock H22A(JDM-200hp, or USDM-190) which does not include the transmission, but you don't need an H22 trans, you can use your own. It is 2.2LF22. Another really good way to build power is to buy a rebuilt head kit from GUDE.com(look for the racing package) It comes with ported/polished head, oversized cam, intake manifold, and throttle body for around 1600$ Builds alot of hp. call them and ask.(909) 244-3533.
IMO mating your fseries tranny with your h22 is crap. u can do it, but why bother when you can get it all under 2000?? i recommend anywhere you can see it before you buy it. they are out there, i picked mine up for 1850 w/ lsd. just look around mang..
Gude sucks. Stay away from their stuff.

As paragus said, don't mate your F22 tranny to the H22. Not only does it have pretty long gear ratios (good for boosting though), it's a very weak tranny, and won't stand up to much abuse.

Check around in this forum for what needs to be done for your swap. If you have any specific questions after searching, PM me. I did the exact swap you're looking at.
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