H22a Swap

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My gf has a 93 accord dx and thanks to me has been hit with the performance bug....Her car is seriously slow so we have been discussing putting a Prelude motor into it.........Her car currently is an auto and she is not willing to convert to manual........How bad would the auto affect v-tec and how hard of a swap is this to complete....Would she need new mounts, axles, or would she have to use a prelude tranny......I know the computer has to be changed.........I think with her car being as heavy as it is this would be the best swap for her........any help would be greatly appreciated...
this is just out of curiousity though......If done it would probably be about 6 months down the road.....Just want to do proper research.....

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she can use stock mounts and axles. the stock transmission will hookup fine but it being an auto might be a problem so i'm not sure. you won't get the full power out of a prelude motor with an accord tranny but you could always get an auto prelude.

the swap is pretty straight forward....it's just a really tight fit.
The 1993 Accord Dx would have come with a F22a series of engine or some F series at least. You want to put an H series in. Transmissions DO not interchange unless you want to modify the bellhousing and other stuff. I'm sure you could hunt down an Auto H series tranny though. I've heard of this being done once before and its far more powerful than the F. The car being an auto just means it will be somewhat less responsive and the shifts points like most autos suck. Still worth doing if she's into it, I think it would be an endlessly fun car and easy brainless to drive.

since the transmission's won't interchange does that mean i'll need to get custom axles made.....what about the mounts.....any other modifications that will need to be made.......a rough guess on how bad the auto will affect v-tec....would the h23 be a better choice since the cars auto and the h23 doesn't have v-tec......personally, if i do the swap i'd rather have the v-tec and work on getting her to convert to manual......
Originally posted by cbrnascar0329@Feb 15 2003, 10:20 AM
since the transmission's won't interchange

the trannys DO interchange.

however, the h22 gear box is much closer, and will much better utilize the power band of the h22.

a manual conversion kit is about 5-600 in parts on top of the tranny from the swap. figure you need the pedals, the shifter, the interior consouel, clutch master cyl, lines, etc.
:withstupid: so your not going to need any custom axles.. and there is no need to "modify the bellhousing", its pretty much straight foward.