h23 for h22

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ok, i'm getting a KILLER deal on a 92 prelude SI w/ 4wheel steering and a blown h23. I want to put in an h22 instead of the h23 (since i'll need a new motor anyways) and I was wondering if it's direct bolt in or what? will i need a new wiring harness since the h23 didn't have VTECH? and by the way, i'm paying $500 for the car w/ jdm headlights, and a lip kit and extra front bumper. nice deal? i think so.


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its about as easy of a swap as there is...all your accessories hook back up to the engine pretty easily, but you do need a new ECU (p13) and if you dont buy it from HMotorsonline, then you will need to add 3 new wires to your wiring harness for VTEC and redo your ignition coil.

Hmotors gives you a full wiring harness and ECU...pretty decent price for the engine too.