Hard Drive Space

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I noticed when you format some drives, not all the space is there. I have a 160 Seagate and it shows up at 154 after formatting. Is this just the nature of them? Like some RAM say 512, but show up around 500.


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That sounds about right, my 80GB has 76GB free space after formatting, I think it also depends on what file system it is formatted to, and how it divides it up, and reserves space, or whatever other technical mumbojumbo having to do with the size of HDs.

On the RAM, I would think that is because it is shared, I have 2048MB, and that's what it shows as, but my friends laptop has 512MB, but only shows like 400 something due to sharing it.

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Basically. Although some space is still lost to formatting.



you'll actually have more USABLE disk space. if you ever get a big file, right click its properties- and notice the size VS size on disk. the rows/sectors used on an ntfs setup is much less than a fat 32


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yup yup...and if you want to get some INSANE hard drive space on a raid array you can have up to 16 exabyte partitions on NTFS.