Heel-toe. Who Does It?

DDo you heel-toe?

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I'm recently learning the value of heel toe .... didn't quite see the point in it but since the streets are getting dry again and i'm driving much harder .. i am seeing the point and it's very helpful
i use it all the time when braking and downshifting into a corner.

but i don't heel-toe. I have fat feet or something. big toe on brake, pinky on gas. having proper shoes helps too :)
yeah... i've heel toed a couple times coming around corners messing around with a few friends of mine but by no means am i a hard core drifter... i mean im used the the motion of heel toe and timing it with when to step on gas let go of clutch etc... when you do get it down though its prettyy damned fun

I have been trying it a little bit here and there, i just cant get a hang of it. Not sure if all cars are like this but in my car, the brake pedal rests futher done then the gas so it makes it a little more difficult. Plus everytime i try, i am using my heavy ass causual shoes which offer no feel instead of tennis shoes. I think that there is a good point because coming around some of the tighter corners in autoX, if you have to put your clutch in then stomp on the brakes, when you leave the turn, your RPMs are at like 2k and in a d16z6, there is not much trq there and you just bog like crazy.
okay, I'm willing to admit .. I'm unsure about this "heel-toe" stuff .. I catch that it is supposed to be braking and accelerating at the same time?

Can someone please elaborate? I'm interested in leraning a bit more here...
Originally posted by eyesonlybob@Feb 16 2003, 11:47 AM
going into a turn...clutch in, toe on brake, heel on gas, that way coming out of the turn your revs are up. right?

you got it. You dont actually accelerate because the clutch is in. It is kinda like if you have ever gone like 10 mph in first, pushed the clutch in, rev to about 4-5K then drop the clutch, with the extra trq, it really gets the car moving, basicly the same thing.
also when using the heel toe, pushing the clutch in while heel on accelerator helps you keep your revs up while going into the turn as weall as exiting... braking or e-braking help you swing the ass end out

i love the heel-toe technique... i'll be cmopletely honest all i did was learn how to do it from watching videos and a lil bit of practice here and there... i've gotten pretty good at it... it all takes practice and different situations when doing it
why couldn't u just press the clutch down, while braking .. and then when you're right before you're ready to start going again, release the brake, rev the engine (push the accelerator) to wateva point u want, and let off the clutch off?

Why all this sideways-right-foot-heel-toe-super-racing-break accelerate stuff?

Is this REALLY a good tactic to know? :blink:
heel-toe braking as far as i know is for matching revs when downshifting so that you can make the best out of your powerband ex. you are on a straight flying at 80 in 3rd so here comes the sharp lefthander you slown down push in the clutch(still on brake) match revs(w/second) by giving it gas (still on brake) and let of clutch/brake and begin accelerating
play the f355 challenge its pretty fun and u get to mess around on a video game thats pretty damn realistic. also if u crash its like oops. hahahaha
Originally posted by S13Less@Feb 16 2003, 09:37 PM
heel-toeing is basically double-clutching into a turn while braking at the same time.

not really- there's not double clutching about it- but its speed/rev matching
omega pretty much summed it up. basically u want to be in the power band when coming out of the corner in the lower gear.

going into a turn;

1. get on the brake
2. depress clutch
3. down shift
4. with rt foot on brake use heel to blip the throttle (should be really fast, on the track i blip it to about 7-8.5k)
5. let the clutch out
6. floor it

like pissedoff my size 12 feet make it more big toe/lil toe than heel/toe. cant drive on the track without this method. i practiced on the street all the time to get it down, jsut takes some time to get the coordination down
I may not know what I am talking about, but I learned this a while ago. the heal toe deal, But it wasn't heal on the gas and toe on the break.....it was the other way around. because trying to use your toe to fludder the gas and if you use your heal you can't feel as well. Also the main reasion for this was that older race cars didn't have sincros (spling?). So you had to use the gas to get it to go into gear. then rev up, and go. I dunno maybe wrong, just what Iwas tought, what do you guys think? :worthy:
I use the fat foot technique, especially with my boots. The crappy pedal position makes it easier to hit the brake and use the pinky toe to blip throttle than the heel... if the brake pedal was higher up, I might actually "heel-toe", but now it's just "tilt foot a little more".

i always thought it was bad to brake during turns...especially upon exiting. and there was a champion formula1 driver who said "always brake before a turn, not during"
ok with heel toe ... same concept as big toe little toe ..lol

is is all about rev matching .. but also right about reving it up so synchro's do align and shifting can take place .. ever try and downshift when you'll be down shifting to like 6grand and you head a loud chunk a thunk? that is becasue the rev's aren't matched and synchros aren't lining up properly.

i hope i'm getting my point across

this technique is good for roll racing, for auto-x, and also drifting.
the best way to do this is when going into a sharp turn you have the RPM's up ...start going around... ...clutch in... brake.... heel toe to down shift and pull out fo the turn faster .. it takes practice ... but you will be smoking cars that do not knwo the technique .. even with road racing it's the best
Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Feb 17 2003, 04:15 AM
i always thought it was bad to brake during turns...especially upon exiting. and there was a champion formula1 driver who said "always brake before a turn, not during"

More so true with a RWD car than a FWD car- but you can brake during a turn- just don't stomp on it.