help me, im THAT close to vtec

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i have a EK HB and is swapping in a b16, by myself. the engine is in the car and it starts. i do not care if the car passes emission tests, therefore i wont need any sensors that doesn't keep my car from running.

I am using a obd2 wiring harness with a obd2-1 clip, chipped obd1 p28 ecu, and a obd2 distributor.

i have some questions:

right now the only sensor on the intake manifold that's hooked up is the TPS (throttle position sensor). I am using the DX wiring harness and the plugs don't match up for the intake temp. and the other plugs such as idle valves, etc.

now, when the car is started and when i open the throttle it trembles and stalls unless i keep adjusting the throttle position, i.e. if i were to keep the car at 4000 rpm it just stalls itself. but if i were to adjust the throttle and rev it higher it does. don't think it's fuel problems.

Can someone that's done the swap help me and let me know which sensor is the problem and how i should hook it up to a DX harness?

there are vaccum hoses on the intake manifold (a lot). When i got the engine they were mostly cut. Where can i find the connecting diagram or do they matter?

do i need the knock sensor for the car to drive? if so.....(im feelin stupid) which one is the knock sensor?

i dont think it goes on but it's worth a try: has any one succeed in modifying a civic shift linkage to fit a b series motor? don't feel like spending 200 dollars on 2 sticks if i can modify mine.....

ould have took the car to a garage and get them to do it, but then i did so much by myself i kinda just want to learn and finish it.
what year did this b16 come from? or rather, what kind of b16? if it is OBDII your dx harness should plug into most of it. the P28 does not look for a knock sensor, you can leave that unplugged, btw, it is the one near the crank pully, by the alternator. get a helms manual that covers your OBD version of your B16, if its OBDI get the del sol one, if its OBDII get the 99 si one. if its the 99 one, you can get the 96-99 so it will cover your engine and chassis
it's a obd0 long block with obd2 distributor, and a hydro tranny

does anyone know about the gen1 b16a intake manifold vaccum hoses??