help swap dilemma

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Junior Member
i got me a 98 auto civic and i want to swap to something with more power and have me a manaul trans. what should i do?? on a budget of 3500-4g help ;)
well, it really comes down to what do you want out of the car.

500 easy just in parts for a auto-manual swap. labor- look about the same... so that leaves you 2500-3500 for a motor. b16a2 or b18c1 would be my opinion, unless later down the line you are thinking turbo, then b18b1

again, post what you want to get out of the car.
i just want a nice strong base for my car maybe a b18c, but all the places ive talked to want 5-6gz for the total swap, how should i get this done? i live in philly not many shops even around here, places i talked to were up in NY