Help With Mini-me Swap

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If I just want to put in the same D16Y8 motor back into my civic, can I buy a D16Y7 engine and do the mini me swap ? Will this make it about the same engine ? What is all needed to be done to do a mini me swap ? I can buy a D16Y7 for $400 and a D16Y8 for $1000. any help will be appreciated.
a complete mini Me set up should cost you under 500, that is with head, water pump, ecu, head gasket, timing belt and.... i am missing something, someone help me out. Afipunk bought the parts for this and i think he said he could of had all the parts for 488 (some how that # comes to mind) but ended up buying some other perfromance stuff and totaled like 900.
The local junk yards are selling the D16Y8 engines for a grand, don't ask me but thats what they are going for. I have all the parts from my D16Y8 for the mini me swap so my question is will the Y7 with the mini me swap be the same engine ? And I think I have all the parts, can I do the mini me swap with the parts from my Y8 ?
well your local junkyard is a fuckin ripp off.....

where are you located... my boy has a perfect z6 head..... p28 ecu and a6 block (with a spun bearing)... he's selling it all.... PM me for more info
yeah really...i need another A6.
i might buy a WHOLE swap motor trans ecu wiring for $300...a buddy went B16/100shot. but FREE IS FREE....i really only need the BLOCK.