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this is impressive. its not a showcar club. they get big discounts on stuff like toyo tires and even have their own visa card. based in marina del rey, ca (near L.A. international airport) but they are worldwide and are soon to become the biggest honda/acura club in the world.
nothings wrong with hondaswap. hondaswap's awesome. this isnt a club site, so its not even competition. anyway, they must have a shitty server cause i cant even connect :p
ummm no, no credit cards. All of you have bad credit and are too poor to buy my wheels :) so im not getting you guys credit cards... christ !!! lol

as for hondaswap being the shit- of course it is. I built it that way. slow websites must die.
I think hondaswap is one of, if not THE fastest loading websites out there...
Originally posted by slohnda@Jan 4 2003, 08:11 PM
yo i want a hondaswap credit card :p

yeah you could get like ummmmm, ricer points for your purchase. Of coarse redeemable at PEPBOYZ nationwide :D