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well in reality its pretty much the same... it was designed in order to replace stages 2/3/4. but it depends on what ECU your running... it will replace all ECUs except for automatic, PR3 or PW0... personally when i went to get my Hondata i went through Ericks racing here in sunny so cal, and had the guys who tuned his car [Enichiro @ Zero Factory] tune it for me...

if you were to get the s200 with 3 step rev limiter, and that pretty much equals the stage 3, but i do believe it has more tuning capabilities...

i was in the same situation as you so i went to Ericks and asked him straight out what do you recommend, and he recommended the stage 2 for me but i wanted launch control so he upgraded thpackage for me.... hope that helps a lil bit

need any more info check out

Hondata S200

read carefully and all the info should be there, if not then contact doug macmillan at hondata, he is the one who created hondata, and he can explain any other questions you may have