How Big Of A Diffrence Is This Swap

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Hey whats up.. so yeah im going to do this swap into my 94 accord... whats the things I need to look out for and due when i get this motor... any other electrical stuff needed or axels replacing?? I think im going to do an OBD 2 so i know there will be the change over on that... for those of you that have done this swap is it noticeable?? i know i had a turbo on my car before.. so im hoping it will make up for not having the turbo f22... let me know your feedback thanks
What sort of psi were you pushing? Did you get it dyno'ed?

Why are you going OBD2? There's more of a hp loss due to emissions crap. Plus it's gonna cost ya more to do the conversion.

As for what you need to do/look out this forums. It's been discussed before.
I was at 10 psi... and i want obd 2 cause they only make a supercharger for 97 and ups and i would like to be offered an opportunity on the future to have one
Well, good luck with the OBD swap. Never heard of anyone going backwards. :)

As for comparing...I think you'll be right around the same numbers. Maybe slightly higher torque with the turbo F22B.
Originally posted by 94accordman@Jan 23 2003, 02:52 PM
yea wud up e'body i was wondein wat swap i should put into my 2 dr 94 accord ex and how much it would cost

Ummm, you already started this thread in the "What Should I Swap" forum. Quit bogarting this guy's thread.