How Hard Will It Be

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I'm planning on purchasing a '90-'93 integra right now and haven't found a year yet and wanted to know what i would need to do swap in a Type R Integra engine.... And how much the engine w/ecu will cost (est.).....
the motor normally runs close to the 5 grand range... i wouldn't be dropping a motor of that caliber in a $2,000 car unless your insuring the motor also... but all of that aside...

92-93 integra is the way to go if you like that generation

but i'd recomend 94+ so you don't have to do any hydro conversions to keep that badass tranny that comes with the itr
Well heres the deal, the 90-91 Integra and the 92-93 Integra are too different creatures well when it comes to wiring that is. That is that hte 90-91 Integra is OBD0 and the 92-93 is OBD1. If you get a ITR motor your best bet is too get an 92-93 vehicle for simplication of wiring due to the fact that ITR motors are OBD2. This means that you will have to take the wiring harness off the integra and put it on the ITR. You can use the ITR injectors by modding your plugs a little bit and you can use the ITR distributor by adding a wire since the OBD2 plugs differ from the OBD1 plugs. Or you can use your injectors and it will plug right in, since both injectors have a flow rate of 240cc just the ITR injectors will be cleaner and newer. If you have a 92-93 GSR the swap will be a lot easier since you can swap distributors as well, but if you have an LS you can swap dizzyz you will just have to modify the LS distributor to line up some bolt holes. Now ECU's you can use the 92-93 GSR ecu with no problems and it will plug right up, if you have an LS you can use either the 92-93GSR ecu(P61), the del sol dohc vtec ecu(OBD1 P30), JDM P30, or you can use the ITR ecu(suggested) but you have to buy a harness adaptor plug(OBD1-OBD2) before you can plug it right up. Also you will want to find a b17a mated cable tranny or b16a mated cable tranny as the cable to hydro tranny would just be a lot more work. I would get a motor, ecu(optional) for under 3500 bucks(you can search around and find it cheaper though)
thanks sohc em and prawjEKt Cx... now, there was some mention about the tranny? how much would i be losin out by stickin with the 90-93 and not the 94 and up?
90 - 93 = cable tranny
94 + = hydro tranny
ITR = hydro tranny

youll have to convert the 90-93 to hydro or not use the ITR tranny ( :( )
honda cable trannies are generally pretty weak in the longrun(unless you can get a 92-93 XSI cable tranny they have a larger spline like the 94up hydroz) and if you break a part in them generally it is harder to find parts to repair them although its not impossible and a guy at the Acura dealership in my area has repaired a few.
thanx for all the help e'erybody... will i need anything else like axles or mounts, et cetera et cetera....???
i'm really serious about this project of mine
Again, thnx for the info... Now where's a cool place to cop the ITR??? I heard about FlashOptions but....???? Please help out if you can....
Originally posted by tripple sik@Jan 23 2003, 08:43 PM
Again, thnx for the info... Now where's a cool place to cop the ITR??? I heard about FlashOptions but....???? Please help out if you can.... <-- i have heard bad awhile back, but good lately.

FlashOptions seems cheap, but they only ship to a PORT NEAR YOU, you must arrange getting the motor to you, or you go get it.