How to remove a honda Throttle Position Sensor TPS

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There is a large misconception that Honda and Acura Throttle Position Sensors are "Riveted" in. This is false. Those "rivets" are actually screws with no head on them. You can either use a flat headed screwdriver and hammer to remove them, or you can cut a slot into them with a dremmel and unscrew them with a flathead screwdriver.


This is the "rivet-screw" that we are addressing.

Get a good flat-headed screw driver that has a good edge on it. You need the good edge to dig into the screw material. Place the screwdriver at an angle in the position shown:

Tap the end of the screw driver with a hammer. The screw will rotate counter clockwise and loosen. You should be able to finish unscrewing it with the pad of your thumb. This way is kind of a pain.

Cut a slot into the "rivet-screw" Use a steady hand and cut carefully. Cut deep enough into the screw so that you can get a standard screwdriver blade into the slot.


Unscrew the critter.

You don't want to re-use those crappy "rivet-screws". Go to the hardware/parts store and match the threads to a new, stainless metric bolt of the same size and length. If you have a Fast Idle Thermo Valve laying around, you can rob the screws from the cover plate, which is what I did.

Make sure the Plastic tab "A" fits into the slot "B" upon re-installation.

When you initially install the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) It will be way-off.

Just turn it counter-clockwise untill the bolt holes line up.

Screw the bolts on finger-tight, plug it in, and whip out the multi-meter!

Start the car. With it Idling, Measure the voltage between the red and green wires. Adjust untill the voltage reads .45V at idle. Tighten those screws/bolts down! Re-check the voltage.

You're DONE!

A pic of the "rivet-screw" with a notch cut into it for screwdriver removal.

***If your TPS is set from the factory, DO NOT ADJUST IT***
also a pair of dikes work well and noce write up i have been doing this for years i also have extra sensors if any one needs them they area all the same as well
Now, just forsay, you've installed a *brand new* throttle body, your going to have to adjust the idle too. I've found the tps alignment affects that. So how do i go about lining both up, other than a few hours of testing? I'm guessing there's a method but i'ma n00b. :D

go figure but my TPS had torx screws from the start. JDM SiR II....
old thread, but you'd use a multimeter to adjust it; 0.47v closed, 4.53v WOT
My JDM D15B VTEC didn't have removable TPS bolt. It depends on what motor you have I believe because the TB I swapped and am using right now has removable screws(Torx head also) and is not JDM.
i replaced the tps' on both my dohc zc, and b16a1, and both had bolts with torx heads...
i thought it was a japanese thing... lol
FYI the "rivet-screws" are actually "snap off screws"they have a double head and you tighten them till the heads snap off
Can anyone update the pictures on this thread? Or present new pictures of the actual screw head and the compatible tool to take them off with.