I once again own a Honda product.

So I picked up my Honda GX-31 last week and just got a chance last night to fire it up for the first time. Oh my sweet lord, this engine speaks my language. Never in my life have I heard such a sweet sounding, smooth, mellow engine note. It idles right around 1900 RPM and spins up to 9800 RPM. The clutch starts to engage at 4000 RPM which is just a little before the torque peak.

No pics of my engine yet, because I don't have internet at my new house yet, but I've been taking pictures of the modifications. :) Stock is 1.5 HP. I'm shooting for quite a bit more.
I'm trying to start a new show on Discovery called Monster Lawn Care.

As for what I'm really doing with it... ye shall see. It'll have a cool factor of +100^99.


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Loco...for some reason I would see it as a step DOWN to abandon moding cars for moding lawnmowers. Don't you find it kinda sad? :p

j/k :)

[edit] btw, what are you going to do with it??[/edit]


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Is this the AWD turbo scooter project? Overkill maybe, but it looked like fun. Nah, not overkill. :D


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I thought you had that old school Honda...hence you've had one for some months now??


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Some Walmarts and Pep boys sell a gas powered snow board. More of a snowboard in size, and it has straps for your feet and a controller. Well, ultimately these things come in off the trailer, and some dumb ass sales associate fills the to the top with oil and they sell them as "rebuilds". Yank the motor, drop that one in.

Some coleman camp tanks, propane the biotch.

-> Steve
It's for my skateboard. I've scaled the project back quite a bit, but ubercool, none the less. As for mods to it, I would love to turbocharge it, but the compressor and turbine wheels would be around 1" in diameter, and the cost of having a shape that small and complex machined, much less having the volutes machined, does not make it worth while. However, I have designed and built a prototype of a supercharger that is both a postive displacement pump and a centrifugal pump. Yes, I hate superchargers with a passion, but the turbo is just not feasable for this application.

Here's a dyno graph of the engine from the Honda website:

Now, keep in mind, it's only 31cc displacement, and it's a four stroke, and is an industrial engine designed for continuous WOT operation. I figure I can get at least 3 HP out of it without any ill effects to the engine.