I wanna cry!

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West West Yall
I found these random pictures and it would make me cry if it was my car.:(







He should not have tuned V-TEC to kick in that fast.
Saw the same thing with a new GTO. I told everyone in my car that if it was my car, I'd walk to keep that thing outta the snow.
From what it looks like he was going in the opposite direction and spun it around then hit the barrier.

But man that thing is majourly screwed. Makes me want to drive like a granny when I get my licence.

This also makes me want to drive slow:

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as long as kids keep getting little cars with 5 speeds and stock internals and a loud exhaust, their going to go fast, a think they can haul ass and speed around area that are not meant to be race tracks. The guy in the last video could of killed someone, what if some kid in the area was chasing their dog into the street, and here comes some bimbo in a little hatch back hauling ass with no control. Bam, dead kid, and a dumas who is now getting charged with vehicular manslaughter. Which is why i stick to the speed limits. Their there for a reason.

As for the op that looks like it sucks. used to be an alright si.

I'd collect the $1800 insurance check and call it a day....a red EF Si isn't what I'd call "rare"
maybe they'll partout those OEM rear speaker pods y0!

Speaking of these, anyone know where I could find some? My hatch is a DX, so no rear speakers, but I'd like some rather than placing some craptastic boxes in the back.

they're tough to get.....it wasn't even standard equipment on the Si's, they were a dealer option
:orly: Because out of the 8 EF's we've had 4 of them came with rear speaker pods.

3 were Si's and one was a DX. :hmm:

Edit: Actually 3 of the 8 EF's came with rear speakers. My EF came with squat.
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Ya it always hurts to see your car or similar get wrecked. I had my second car totaled. It didnt bother me all at the time, then the next day i just felt horrible. Feels like you lost a friend really.