I want to do a swap on my civic

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:( I want to do A motor swap on my civic I have a h23 motor I need help finding out if i need to change my tranny and what ever else i need to do please if you know (help). I have a sohc vtec in it now but i want more power if you know what i mean. ive done everything to it and still aint enough power
what year car?
what year motor?

and yes you will need to change the tranny no matter what you swap, unless its another d-series
why an h23? if you are going to go h-series (which i don't recommend) you might as well go h22a.

you need an h-series mount kit
other than that, it 'fits' but you will need to move almost everything from your firewall along the intake manifold, bang out your fender for crank pulley clearance, and most strut bars wont fit over it.
after that, you have extra weight up front = poorer handeling. after that, you will break axels monthly do to the poor angel that they are forced to sit at in a civic.

It all can be counter acted, but you are better off with a b-series.

only way i would go h-series would be if i were to build a drag-only car
is there anything else i could do to my motor that's in my car now with out nos or turbo i have cat back, headers, aem cold air intake, pulleys, cam gear whats next? if the h23 swap aint good please help me get more power from my car i got a chip in it to
if you are thinking about a swap- stop wasting money on d-series parts... they wont work on anythign else you swap in.

I would sell the h23, and get a b16a SiR 2, B16a3 or b18c1