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I have a 1990 Integra 4 Door (AT) I want to install an H22A engine and transmission. I recently blew the B18A1. That I would like to kill my self for. So please with your help I would like to know if you could give some pointers on this engine/tranny swap. Also what do I need to do to install a manual tranny when the vehicle is an AT to begin with. Does this make sense. Please reply or email me what I need to do to do this. The car will be completely gutted all unnecassary parts will be removed to make it lighter (backseats, door panels, all plastic, rear speakers, spare tire, head liner) I want it fast, it will be fast. Please help me out.

it would be extremly wise to convert the car to a stick, the auto engines have shitty cams in them, the gearing is extremly long and also alot of power is lost to the auto tranny
The best way in my opinion would be to get another car that was stick already, but this page might help for the conversion. Auto to Manual. As far as the swap your gonna need to get smaller radiator and fan for it to slip in. Something about the cat, I think something is too big, I'm sure there's websites out there that will help more. But I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck.
go to our swap section. click on integra. you will find an article on this for a 3rd gen.
for a 2nd gen, you need a mount kit from hasport, and convert the tranny to cable somehow (i think ha sport has a kit for this as well)