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integra dude

Junior Member
i have a 94 gsr 4dr and a 97 rs 2dr. i want to trick out the two door. i have hardly done anything to it. all i have done is intake, muffler, shifter, strut bars, and clear blinkers. what should i do next?
Thanks for the advice i like both links, but i want performance too. im just not sure what will give you the most bang for your buck.
IMO the GSR is going to get you more gains for less money until you talk about boost. Why not build that one? If you say "Because it is a 4 door", I am going to smack you. :)
Well as it turns out the owner of the four door promised me that that i could have and as soon as she got the pink slip that she would come by for me to buy it. well long story short she changed her mind. so know all i have is the two door.