Is The H22a A Good Swap Idea For A Integra

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I wanna kno if the h22a engine a good canidate for my 4 light integra
Originally posted by PooGGles@Feb 2 2003, 09:35 PM
4 light integra

is that your way of saying its a 3rd gen????
yes the H22 will fit ... question is WHY?????
you already have a B18** just turbo the fuckin thing or drop a VTEC head on it (if you dont already have it) and build the shit out of it for NA... there really isnt a reason to drop an H22 in there unless your trying to build up a drag car... even then id still just turbo the engine thats in there... if by chance you want to do any type of racing other than drag ... definatly dont do the H22.. it sucks for autoX / road course