is there a diy for this?

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yeh im swappin one into my auto accord..and seearched the site but havnt found one..jus for the wiring..if anybody can find one id appreciate it..thanks
I try not to give special attention to PM's, and I've been busy. I wrote a guide a long time ago, but it's a rough draft and I lost a lot of pictures which I planned to attach.

I'll see what I can do, but it probably won't be until later this week.
lol naah i pmed him like a coupel weeks ago..not in a rush but figured since ima noob here id be ignored..:(..sall take ya time
Um, I haven't heard from him except for the once. I have pretty much written a guide and posted it for all to see, and criticize.

I hope he comes back and sees the info he wanted.