It's Official- Rota's Suck :p

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Eh,still getting them.A couple isolated incidents isn't enough,shit that's not even close to some of the entire vehicle recalls in the past.
ive heard of it happening a few times...

daily/street- they are fine. id never race on em though
thats my opinion
Compared to the number of Rotas on the road and the track the few failures that have been reported are well within acceptable limits IMO. No manufacturing process is perfect and there were more people on those boards (the scubie boards) that have raced on their Rotas, both autoX and on a track, without incident. I am inclined to believe that Rotas are fine and this is an isolated incident. Rota seems to think so too, did you read all the stories about their customer service offering to pay for everything?
i've heard of problems with the sub-zero's breaking, but i hear the circuit 8's are pretty damn durable.
well, everything is a compromise. when the wheel isn't forged yet still lightweight that means the wheel isn't going to be as durable.

i've never seen anything like that, and i'll bet this is an isolated incident. but i'm also willing to bet we're only seeing 15 x 6.5 and 16 x 7's from rota and not 15 x 7's and 16 x 8's because a wheel that would fit within their standards for weight wouldn't be strong enough.

personally, i spent the money and went with a forged wheel. this isnt' to say rota isn't good, because i think for the money they are the best deal on the market. especially the slipstream's and subzero's, which look excellent and only cost around 100 a wheel.

i would just worry about this type of failure while i was driving 70+ mph around a corner at the track.
i really wouldnt say rotas are shit because of that happening ... it happens a lot under high stress conditions... seen it happen to rally cars, leManns cars, etc...


i dont think the OZ rally wheels are shit just cuz this happened
forged wheels are stronger...trying to argue this point is stupid.

now this isn't to say rota wheels aren't good, because in many ways they're excellent but they're more prone to breaking because of the way they're made.

they are not forged, and still lightweight, how does rota do this? it isn't magic, its simply in the way they make the wheels...
i've heard rota's customer service is pretty good, i guess someone broke one of their wheels road racing and rota replaced all 4, not too bad i suppose
The end of the original thread says that the guy who the wheel broke on bought them used. :eek:

If that's true, the whole thing really isn't a Rota issue anyway. The original buyer could have gone off-roading, took a jackhammer to his wheels, etc.
damn i have read every single link in there and now it has me thinking. As one of them said it might just be the subies weight and I would have no problems with the rota's. I am looking at a wheel that so far, has no incidents (circuit 8's) but this summer and even more so the following year when i turn 18, i want to take my car to road races and take the car to its limits. The volks and mugens are just so fucking expensive.
Centerline has been making wheels for domestics for a long time they are a good company, but I don't know how there Import stuff is, they might be on the heavy side.
Originally posted by chevy302dz@Jan 24 2003, 03:08 AM
Centerline has been making wheels for domestics for a long time they are a good company, but I don't know how there Import stuff is, they might be on the heavy side.

Super lightweight. :lol: 19 in RPM's are supposed to weigh less than 16 lbs. That's still too damn big, but smaller sizes only get lighter.
has anybody seen or herd anything about the new weld racing racelite r/s? i saw an ad in the new SCC, it claims to be the "lightest sport compact wheel on earth" at 11.6 lbs. for a 17" wheel. i went to their site and it's not on there, and i couldn't find it anywhere on the web. it's not the best lookin' wheel i've seen, and i'm not sure what sizes it comes in, but it sure is light.