Jared's 96 Midori hatch K swap build

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Finally got my harness. Work is taking up lots of time. I bought another hatch but I parted it out the next day. I haven't really ordered anything for the swap since the harness. I'm really now in the process of what order should things be ordered in. I'm actually running out of space to put things. I've filled up my bedroom, the spare bedroom, and two shops with stuff. I guess you can call me a parts hoarder
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hehehe, you have officically taken over title of fastest garage on hondaswap :D I had that title for a long time back in the day. lol
Not sure how I missed this the first time, but best of luck with the build. Cant wait to see it all finished up.
Subframe is out. Bay is currently getting stripped and prepped for paint. The pictures are from my iPhone so if they look like shit I'm sorry lol


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Stock bore k24 aebs t sleeved block. Never been ran got it for 800


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Still debating on that. Leaning towards an all motor build but I can still change my mind. Haven't bought pistons or rods yet. My k20a2 head will be going on this block though that's for sure.

All motor build for sure. I think I'll enjoy it more. No more wire tuck, brake tuck, all that stuff. Welding the holes and running new brake lines. I'd rather go fast than look good. Still going to go with the itr 5 lug just for the fact that I can use the 36mm axle and not have to have a custom axle made when I need one. Bay will be painted back midori green soon, I'm ready for this to be over already. Lol
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I think all motor is a wise choice. I also agree with ditching the wire/brake tuck. It is a real PITA and is hardly worth it. I had mine tucked and have since gone back to a stock harness
And i agree on the whole wire tuck/brake tucks being massive a massive pain in the ass... ESPECIALLY on something that is going to be driven more than on and off of a trailer...
I still want to be able to run this car on the street. Shooting for around 300ish to the wheels on pump gas if I can. Not putting e85 out of the question until I find out more of its availability around where I live.
Wanted to go the supercharger route before, kinda just brushed it off now.