Jared's 96 Midori hatch K swap build

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Stuff I've ordered that has started to come in. Oem eg lower control arms
Blox rigid collar kit for my subframe
Hardrace trailing arm bushings
Misc energy suspension bushings
Por-15 engine enamel

My lower control arms where wrapped in the Toyota bubble wrap....


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Still working on this thing, slowly. I have almost all the parts now. I just picked up my dream wheels along with the ITR 36mm 5 lug setup. Got the wheels pretty cheap, paid 1200 for them. I had to drive to Alabama to get them though, which was a 16 hour trip but I think it was worth it. lol
Anyone know where you can get authentic replacement stickers that go on the inner barrel of the wheels? I can find the one that goes on the spoke pretty easy, I just want to have all the correct and real stickers on the wheels when I get them re coated.
Thanks guys, I've found those. I'm looking for the manufacture date stickers and such. Like this:

I've seen many fake ones, and I'm 100% against putting fake stickers on these wheels.
i don't think you can get those... they are sold with the wheel like a vin plate almost...

and am i seeing that right? 5x120?
Yea man just took a drill and elongated the holes a little bit... Ha I'm kidding. That's just a generic picture from google.
Did a little work today, still working on it. Came in to find some gaskets and stuff and figured I'd update. Got the engine stripped down and clutch/trans mounted. Just got finished cutting my RBC manifold so I'll post some pictures when i get done with installing.
10155600_10152142959142659_2704233103404107348_n.jpg 10250315_10152142718117659_7363911246849517695_n.jpg 10256957_10152144795352659_8183561808584752585_n.jpg 10271565_10152144263162659_397028482529689775_n.jpg 10308289_10152143170447659_5114354577463351990_n.jpg
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Someday I'll ship my car down to Civicious and have him do it right for me. Or I'll do it... Or I'll just keep driving it and put another 100k miles on it.
Got the intake mocked up, I somehow lost my hondata gasket. Come to find out my harness I have requires you to drill a 1 1/4 hole beside the brake booster to mount it( has the mil spec connector) which I can't do because I have the brake lines back in the factory location. Its been one of those slap in the face days.
FINALLY got everything in that I ordered. I haven't forgot about this car, even though it seems I have. I really want to get this car finished this year. Need to buy a house soon.

Picked up some new wheels also for my daily.

the daily beater. Which within the next few weeks will be 5 lug with all itr brakes and what not.