Jared's 96 Midori hatch K swap build

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I need to quit buying things.
Ran and drove when i picked it up, rough, but it ran. Had 355k miles on it. Picked it up for 600.

Bought a used JDM b20 and trans from a somewhat local importer for 750

Swapped everything out and now I have a low mileage crv for $1350

Now my border collie won't get out of it.

Enjoy the potato pictures.

Its auto, wasn't really picky about it being a manual. I just needed something bigger. I buy and sell a lot of parts, cramming them in the back of my hatch got old pretty quick.


Ha the 69 is hanging out in the garage. Just picked up that 2000 4Runner for 2k, couldn’t pass up the deal.

That sounds like a steal. Every used Toyota truck or SUV I see on Marketplace and Craigslist is ridiculously overpriced. Been trying to find a reasonably priced Taco for a minute now.