Jdm Cluster F/s

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Hello there:
I have one rare first generation JDM Type R Gauges Cluster(non carbon fiber). 54,000KM I am selling it for only $100 with the shipping of $50.
DC2 Type R JDM carbon fiber gauges cluster for $150 approximately 55,000 KM Shipping $50
DC2 Type R JDM carbon fiber gauges cluster for $180 only 2626 KM
Shipping $50
If you are interested in any of them, feel free to send me email at sizzmister@hotmail.com andplease state that which one you would like to see. Thank you.


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Shipping on gauge clusters is only like 10-15 bucks. Why dont you just ask for the extra 35-40 in the price of the product since you want it so bad.


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may be you all don't understand the shipping costs in Asian countries...but it doesn't really matter.... :sleep:
As a 10 years selling experience, i believe i know what i m doing in order not to criticize by the buyers.... :sleep:


I bought prelude type S lights for 4th gen lude from a guy in japan, and shipping was only 22 bucks with insurance through ems. And it was a big ass box.