jeff bought a wing!

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Steve lives in New York, Jeff lives in...he lives up north...and he has a 4g civic. :owned:

BTW Steve, your welcome for helping you install the ractive coilovers and the "mugen" strut bar that you got for 29.99 :p
wtf you talking about man?

I live in Connecticut, 20 minutes away from Brian, Bill and Jeff

p.s. thanks for the help installing though :) i couldnt have done it myself!
When I was asking you about buying ur 6g Si, you said u live in New York, homie!

No problem...You sat back and watched while I did all the work, laughing my ass off in my head, you ricer :)
uh, no i didnt dood, i live CLOSE to NY, but I dont live in NY :)

Ive gone to RA a few times now. I just cant stop!