K20A in a 98 Civic?

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Alrighty. I was looking at the B18C5... but then I happend to come across the Integra K20A.

Yr.:2001 Type R 1998cc,DOHC i-VTEC. 16V. 6 Speed M/T, Horsepower :220hp@8,000rpm, Torque: 21.0kgm@7,000rpm, Compression: 11.5:1, Disp: 2.0

Can this fit in a 98 Civic dx Coupe? If it does, what exactly is i-VTEC? I know it has something to do with controling exhaust and intake, but not sure what it does exactly. I know people can put prelude engines in Civics, but what about this? Besides the Engine, Tranny, ECU, Wiring Harness, and Mounts, would I need to do anything else? Love to hear from ya'll. Thanks - Zack
You need to mirror the entire engine bay... the K series sits on the passenger side, while the D and B series sit on the driver side. Go buy a B18C5 and mod it... dropping a K20 into your car isn't worth it. It would cost way too much.
Thanks! All I needed to know. I apreciate it. Nice talkin to ppl that know insides and outs. By the way.. just to know - do you know how i-VTEC works compared to VTEC?
ivtec adds variable cam timing to variable valve timing and lift
how much would it cost to drop a K20A in a civic coupe? ive seen some K20A engines (JDM) for sale around 7k-9k.
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