k24 turbo

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whats going on honda gods. i got a quick ? I was just wondering if i could use a step colder plugs on my k24 turbo setup. i wanted to use some ngks but i real dont know the gap space for this setup with those plugs. any suggestions guys. :confused::confused::confused:
its a k24 from a accord in a teggy with blowzilla turbo on 8.7lbs of boost. the motor is stock internaly.
+1 for the question, what makes you think you need colder plugs? You burnin through plugs now? Whats the problem your having?
i mean the motor when i bought it had stock plugs in it i just wanted to buy new ones but i cant find that much info on this for plugs i dont know if i can use the stock ones again cuz i know u cant gap irudums. i know turbo cars have to have the gap tighter than all motor. how do we post pic on here i have some pics of the swap.
click on go advanced and under the text box there is a box that says manage attachments..

if you not burning up the plugs you have now leave them be.
Also, you can re-gap iridium plugs. You just hafta take extra care with the center electrode.