Keeping Rotors Clean

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I'm finally getting a set of rims for my car that will show off my rotors. Unfortunatly there is some rust on the surfaces that don't get touched by the pads. 1. How do I get this off? 2. How do I keep it off? TIA, J
get ceramic rotors ... ceramic = no rust :)
Ok, so sandpaper will clean the. What about using high temp paint on the un-touched surfaces? Thats about the only way I can think of to keep them clean of rust. NE one see possible problems with that?
Next time you buy rotors, buy some stainless steel ones. I think EBC was selling some and had right on the advertisement "wont rust"
Mine are supposed to be stainless steal, and I only got the 5,000 miles ago.
i just got new rotors too, brake cleen took it right off. dont paint your rotors though man. thats crazy. as for keeping the rust off go w/ ceramic
yeah my buddy came around a set of brembo front rotors for a civic for only 80 from a shop. a little difference in stopping from brake fade but nothing drastic and dont' rust at all.
i assume you are talking about the rotor's hubs which are usually hidden by the center of the wheel, but can be seen from an angle. you should be able to paint those without causing any problems. there are paint products, like some primers, that are designed to stop rust. check pep boys. i've seen them there. then just finish them off with some brake caliper paint or high temp paint.