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What is everyone running for keyboards these days?
I have a newer dell model with the slim keys, and the keys just don't feel right and sometimes it leads to a miss key on the 10key.

I am used to the old chunky keys such as a Dell L100 OE keyboard and similar.
They sell them on Amazon, but they're like $70 which seems like a lot for an older model wired keyboard.
Amazon product

What are you guys running?
Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard with one dongle. Has all the action keys on top. Mouse is comfortable. I’ve had it for 10 years at the office. This is the updated version they sell now.


At home we have the basic Walmart ONN wireless combo for 20 bucks. Works fine too.
Any reason you have wireless vs wired?
How's the battery life?

My past experience with wireless mice left a lot to be desired.
Always drove me crazy when the batteries were on the way out (but not bad enough to show) and the mouse got glitchy.
Been using this Lenovo combo for a few months


Got it because I don't like mechanical keyboards and the mouse on the Dell combo I had for a few years was pissing me off

Went wireless because I do not like wires cluttering up my space, I'm not gaming at work so any microseconds of lag are a non issue for me

So far I am very pleased with it
Typing is much nicer than the Dell one I had and the scroll wheel on this mouse doesn't spaz out like my old one
What E said cleaner workspace. 95% of the time we are doing outlook and excel. I don’t play FPS and I have a separate wired wheel and pedals for fun or we play with xb1 wireless controllers on the laptops.

I replace the battery in the mouse every 6 months but use rechargeables.
I have this logitech and mouse. Works excellent. Battery life is probably 6Months to 9 Months. There is a newer verion MK700 I think.