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Kinda funny.. I give it a 4/10.. Just... kind of funny..

worth a laugh though.
i was thinking to myself the other day in the apple store 'damn, that doesn't look like an iPod. it looks like an EPT.' hahaha
Macintosh's EPT only works if you enable root. Then it usually tells you it's a Girl, because Apple thinks that there should be more girls in the world. When the day comes, and it's actually a boy it's actually something that you've done wrong and you should have purchased Adobe's Gendershop and it's licences. But don't worry, it's only got 30 more days to live until you register it.

-> Steve
Originally posted by BodyDroppedNikes@Aug 16 2005, 09:00 AM
:bo: "you pee'd on my ipod shuffle"
[post=540667]Quoted post[/post]​

"you pee'd on my ipod shuffle...you pee'd on my ipod shuffle...SUCH A STUPID BITCH."

Criss Angel. He deserves his own thread, the guy is phenomenal. He "Teleports" in a lot of his acts. He once lit himself on fire for 45 seconds or some crazy shit... And the camera followed him around, his face and everything. Then he stops, falls flat to the ground and some guy comes over and puts him out - And the guy that put him out WAS HIM. He's really good.