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I am so confused,what is a direct bolt in for a 93 civic hb.I need the real truth because Im going crazy.Please help.And if you have any comments on what to install can you please tell me everything I need to install the motor.Thank you Twerker08 Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada :worthy:
be specific as to which model hatch back you have buddy and also your budget then the many members of this forum will tackle this question like a pack of flies on shit. :D :p

no hard feelings everyone
Quoting Karlmarx because i dont feel like typing the same stuff 203483 times

1. B16A2/3: Completely bolt-in Swap, VTEC needs to be wired, SIR II, Hasport shift linkage. Del Sol VTEC for the del sol
2. B18B: Completely bolt-in swap, SIR II, Hasport shift linkage. Del Sol VTEC for the del sol
3. B17A: Completely bolt-in swap, cable-hydro transmission kit(not recommended) or hydraulic b-series transmission, VTEC needs to be wired.
4. B18C1: Completely bolt-in swap, VTEC needs to be wired.
5. B18C5: Completely bolt-in swap, OBD conversion, VTEC needs to be wired.
6. B16B: Completely bolt-in swap, OBD conversion, VTEC needs to be wired.
7. H22A: Mount kit required, Hasport shift linkage, VTEC needs to be wired.
8. B16A: Not recommended! Too much work, more costly compared to B16A2/3's.
9. D16Z6: Completely bolt in, VTEC needs to be wired.
10. D16Y8: Completely bolt in, VTEC needs to be wired.

When we say complete bolt in, you will need the get new mounts (from other b series cars like integras is fine, normally they come with the swap.) Also, you will need a new tranny if you go with options 1-8 (also 99% of the time, comes with the swap) ECU normally has to be modifyed or changed. Wiring for VTEC normally is not that hard but if you have a civic VX, si, ex, or del sol SI, you dont really have to worry about this
The mounts you need to directly bolt it in are as follows


Like asmallsol said,if your car has vtec then you are good,if not you have to wire it,which isn't hard.You will need the B series linkage if you go with a B.
sorry guys.Its a non-vetec civic cx,explains why I whant to do a motor swap.Thank you for the info.Alot of people where saying that I needed to buy mounts from Hasport.But you guys are saying that I can take the motor mounts from the car that the motor comes from.what motor comes in a 99 civic si. :worthy:
your car is a 93 from canada right???
you might be prewired for VTEC
all 92s were and some 93s were most of the 93s were canadian models

but anyway... yes you can use stock integra mounts
you dont need the hasport mounts ... they are a good chouce if you want a solid polly mount though
Ya its a 93cx canada model ,thanks everyone for the iformation it really helped alot.
welp you still might need to wire for VTEC... not ALL 93s were pre wired... but there is a chance you might not