Ls Into Vtec?

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wuts up??
I have a 96 LS 5 speed tranny, in a 93 civic SI.. I was wonder if i could turn this engine into a vtec engine.almost like a GSR. If anyone knows how to do this let me know. Or if u know a way that the engine can be tricked into thinking it has the vtec
Don't listen to this guy. It's not as simple as putting a B16/B18C head on an LS, there is much more to it if you don't want to toast the engine. Read the article that kylemarhx linked and come back with specific questions if you have any.
Originally posted by B18B1 Red HB95@Feb 20 2003, 09:13 PM
just get the b16 head out and put it in the ls... duh!

and then you go BANG! about 10 miles down the road
im a newbie yes i kno... but I have questions.. b18b1, .40 bore, performace rods, pistons, and rings... so far on the internals... 70mm throttle body and ram air... Now the ? is.. I have a b16 vtec head i traded for some tatt work... What do I need too put this head on without going bang 10 miles later.. Is there a recommended ls/vtec convers.. kits.. , oil lines.. have p28 ecu and harnessness gettinjg chipped now.. whats left, what do i not know? thank you help plz
i found this link to have answered all your (and mine) questions.
Check it out..

There are this things called "dates", we use them to keep track of the passing of time, according to this threads date, almost ten fucking years have passed since it was posted,pretty sure they have either figured it out, or moved on.
Wow, might be the oldest bump I've ever seen. Hell, this thread predates me.
Nine years later and we still haven't figured out how to "trick an LS engine in to thinking it has VTEC". Damn, I was thinking technology would have advanced a bit more by now...