Voltage drop and miss in vtec

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swap the battery from your daily into it and bungee cord it in as a temp test before you buy one....


ok so update. (life gets so busy!) I might be repeating myself so I apologize if I do. I still have the stumble. I did figure out the voltage issue. 1. I forgot its a FIAT! electrical sucks. dont ask why but all switched power goes directly through the ignition switch, not a relay. it is common to swap a relay in for better power. I did that bot when I drew the ECU's power i didnt use that circuit. so once I added another relay, I have a good 14v at idle. like I mentioned earlier I think I have the wrong crank pully. I picked up a new one (that only has the ALT pulley, no ps or AC which also gave me way more room) and now I have good voltage all the way through. I still have the stumble. here is the Vid of the stumble. the calibration and the datalog



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