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What ECU should i used? i got a B17 head offa the origianl GSR (93) but that's OBD 1 and my ECU is OBD 0 and i don't even think theyre is a VTEC OBD 0 ECU so i don't know wtf to use or if i hafto change the harness and all that other crap which i really don't wanna hafto do. Does anyone know if a chip will work cause i've seen then and how they work? :blink:
P61 is the ecu from the B17 GSR.It would help if you said what year your car is and what your doing.Also B16siR 1st gen's are obd 0,so their ecu's are obd 0.
the pw0 and pr3 are both obd0 ecu's with vtec but there kinda pricy and hard to find..another otion is making a obd0 to obd1 adapter and running the p28 chipped..or any other obd1 ecu but the p28 is the best just because of all the programs for it

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I have a PR3 out of a J-spec Civic Sir with a B16A....I will sell for 120.00 shipped. I don't need it with my setup.
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