Ls/vtec Idea's

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My brother has a 94 LS and his timing belt broke and bent a few valves. He was going to school in a town full of hill-billies that told him to just get a new engine rather thank rebuild his! So we swapped a B16 in with his LS tranny. Once we realized the only thing wrong was valves were bent we decided we should have done an LS/vtec but now I'm trying to figure out what parts out of the 2 engine B18b and B16a1 we should use and what all we'll still need. Also is there anyway to just modify the B16 block to accept the B18 crank, thus making it a 1.8L and uping the compreesion ratio. I am thinking this would be too easy but thought I would check. I'm open to any ideas, using any parts from the two engine.


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use the LS block, crank, and rods with the B16 pistons, head and ECU.
get new piston rings, bearrings, ARP LS rod blots, ARP GSR head blots and have the bottom end ballanced.
get a new VTEC oil pump, GSR water pump and GSR timming belt and you will have a great all motor LS/VTEC set up! @ 11.4 to compression and 1.8 with VTEC!
do your self a favor and get a better tranny though. B16 or GSR. The LS gears are too long for your new ass kickin motor set up.


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That named everything I can think of off the top of my head. We have an extensive article on this build in our FAQ.