ls-vtec in a 96 ex civic coupe, do i need a new Si


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well i got an obd II b16 Si vtec head, integra ls block , b16 Si JDM hydro tranny and other parts and it getting built to be put into my 96 ex civic coupe and i was wondering if i need a new Si ecu or a Si wireing harness?
you have to use your ex wire harness, and add a wire for the knock sensor- and then, you need a vtec ecu.

the p2t si ecu won't plug in to your harness- it is obd2b, your car is obd2a. you will need a conversion harness.

but i'd recommend going to obd1 and running a p30 or a chipped p28


Originally posted by brasilianstreet@Apr 2 2004, 03:34 PM
how can i do this^ is there a web site or place you reocmend to go to or call to get all the stuff i need ?

Here's my diagram(s) for wiring up VTEC on a 96-98/OBD2a vehicle (you can ignore the other sensors listed there since you own an EX):

btw, you dont need to wire in a KS because all 96-00 EX coupes have a KS.

If you need an OBD2a->OBD2b jumper harness, hit me up :)