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Alright, I've decided to go with the ls/vtec swap on my 95 ls. I was wandering which head was the best to get if i was deciding to go turbo. And i also heard of using just the exhaust, i think, cam from a type r on the head and it will give me a good bit of power. Anyone know of a place where i can buy a head and an ecu? Thanks and anyother info you guys can give me in this swap, i will be happy to have it.
If you want to go turbo, don't bother with the head swap. The LS is a great platform to boost and for the cost of the LSVTEC you can be well on you way towards a good turbo kit and some internals. Using just the exhaust what??? You should do a little more research before you decide to take on a project like an LSVTEC or a turbo.
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draztik impulz
@Jan 3 2003, 02:54 PM
are ls vtecs smogable

Not in California.

yeah they are somgable here in Cali!!! illegally of course :p :lol:

oh about the cams situation... ITS and CTR have the same lobe on the exhaust cam, but as for the intake cam, the CTR has high life i believe [correct me if im wrong]

as for the head, i have a stock type-r head for sale, missing the vtec rocker arms... i also have sets of CTR and ITR cams for sale... PM me for more info

and also check out the classifieds section on hondaswap, there are alot of people selling alot of things that you may need