Main Relay Q ?

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Ok, well I'm not 100% sure if this is the problem but a lot of things have been leading me to belive it is.

Here's the senario.
1991 CRX DX

A few months ago (about April) on a not so hot after noon I went to start my car kinda started funny kept crankin and wouldn't start. gave it a minute or two and then wala starts right up. Then a few months (June) later It's rainin hard core, so I got me defrosters on full blast. (damn my littel CRX gets toasty). Dumb ass me stalls the car go to start it and she would just crank, crank, crank etc..... gave her a few minutes sarted right up. I thought it was wet electrical bits like distrubutor or something.

Well this past Fri I get up at 3:00am to drive to VA. well car starts hard, I was thinkin well it's fucking cold out. warms up running fine. got the defrosters goin full blast. clean my car off. cause it's been sittin for a day covered in snow. well, I get on my way head over to my buddies house. turn the car off, get his crap in my car, start her up and off we go. head over to the gas station still got the defroster and heat blastin. Well I get to the gas station fill her up get in the car and she starts cranking but won't start, try again, same thing. sit there think about what the fuck is goin on. turn off my sterio, my heat etc... try start in nothing. Try again, she starts up I give it gas shes seems to be running good let off the gas and the engine stumbles at a low rpm and dies. I never did get it started after that. So about 4:00am I call a somewhat of an aquantences garage. he just happens to be goin out on a tow says he'll pick my car up on the way back. So 8:00am rolls around when he actually opens shop, I give him a call, says Yup I got your car. Then he tells me you know before i put her on the truck. I put the key in started right up. So I left it at his shop over the weekend. and As I thought about it I was like hmmm, maybe the defroster blows on the main realy gettin the fucker hot. and makes for some problems.

So my Question to the Knowledgable hondaswap chaps is. What are the typical symptoms of a failing main relay. does my situation fit the case.
and does anyone have any other ideas ?

Thanks in Advance
Alot of the symptons you are having. I had a lot of problems with my main relay in the winter, probably more than in the summer. Since you know how to solder you should just resolder the connections. I lost the link on how to do it, but hopefully someone on here has it.

Dennis, IM me somtime.
thanks for givin me some hope as to my correct diagnostics on my car.

Jeff, I'll IM ya when I get my Comp at home up and working again. I'm pretty sure my wife downloaded something in her mail and I've got a virus now.
Well Turns out it's a fried, I mean really fired ignition coil, Took my battery down with it.
Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy my hondas fixed.

and you know it runs a lot smoother now. go figure
oh well you got it working... i had a somewhat related problem, but it happend in every temp with my zc.. it would start hard, then idle like shit till it hit operating temp then drive fine, that ended up being my dizzy.
I hope that you checked to see if the recall had been done on your coil. has info on how to do it. go there, it's the same as the Si, and they will show you how to repair the solder connections.