mini me swap help

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sorry guys you probably answered this a million times i read alot a posts about this but im a lil confused... so hear it is i have 89 hatch d15b2 getting a y8 head complete everything is also getting the jumper harness for the ecu and dizzy from obd0 to obd1 im getting the p28 soon..also getting a lsd 5spd tranny so im getting the cable to hydro kit i was reading about the dizzy needing to be changed and useing the head gasket of a y8 and some other stuff that made no sense... i was wondering if someone could direct me in the right direction like if wat i ahve is right and when i put the head in is the intake manifod and dizzy gonna work right i dont wanna waste time and money and not have it run right... and is there anything im missing and need to get ...again im sorry for asking something you already answered but im a lil lost and thank you all to who answer and help me out

i have a 91 si engine harness could that make it any easier for me like i can just switch the harness..would it plug into the dx harness?
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ok check this out bro. using a y8 you can use the td-o2u dizzy which I believe plugs into the obd0 harness. Do not change the cars original harness and no they don't plug together. As far as the head gasket, it depends on your desired CR. A thin gasket will yield a higher CR as a much thicker will lower. I hope you are using head studs and you will need the studs from whatever block you are going to use. Use the timing belt for the head your using. Use the fuel rail and injectors from your car.
Were you going to do the trans and head at same time?