Mini me swap

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Senior Member
Hi people,
the mini-me swap was a succes.

-Spark pulg wires dxi d157 doesn't fit on d16z6 head.
-Timingbelt cover upper peace doesn't fit.
-COULDN'T GET THE CRANK SHAFT BOLT LOSE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:
I'm using my dxi distrubutor. only tighted with 2 bolts. Think this is a problem?

Tommorw i'll will put the p28 ecu

Checked the vtec it works oke but when the vtec comes in the old ecu revs the car. ;)

Regards, Calvin
i'd wait to do more testing until you ahve the ecu in. otheriwse, you are going to run into less/more problems based on the ecu swap-- you know?
Ran somebody the other day (Mini Me Swap). They whooped up on my wheel hopping LS swap in my rex................Bastard's

But once it's all done, That is a good and cost effective swap.