Mini Me Swap

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Hey whats up everyone, I'm new. I got a question though. I have a D15B2 motor. *Weak only at 70HP! Is it possible to do a mini me swap on it? By putting a D16Z6 complete head on the D15B2 block. I'm talking complete as in: head, distributor, sensors, MPFI system (huge difference so I hear), injectors, fuel rail, ect... I've been hearing good things about mini me swaps. Poor mans B16! :unsure: Alright well maybe you people can help me out a little.

Thanks! :D

If you know anybody thats selling a complete D16Z6 head, let me know in a PM.
with all that might as well swap entire d16 motor they arent that expensive
or u can just save up and go b16 or b18